Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Book Of Books

"The Bible has perennial approach and appeal because it possesses certain qualities of permanence in greater degree than any other literature does. God is the Theme. It is the timeless book, evermore " up-to-date " and " down-to-the-minute," because it grapples with the theme which is not only the greatest of all themes, but which is also in itself timeless, an eternal subject, with eternal interest—God. Other books too deal with God, his existence, the problems of his character and action, but what other can be named which is so centred upon the thought of God, is so filled with the consciousness of him, it soars into the heights of his presence and brings back such glorious results to the mind and spirit of man, as this book?"

Solves Man's Problems
"And It not only grapples with these questions, it gives confident and satisfying answer, from a thorough and accurate knowledge of God and man. It is timeless because the truths it utters are timeless, always true, always verifying themselves to the minds which fairly grasp them.

Nevertheless, the study of the Bible as literature is of the greatest advantage. It yields us genuine enjoyment, high and helpful, and much enrichment for mind and ' feeling, imparting an increasing delicacy of discernment, a refinement of perception, not only fraught with pleasure of the finer sort, but also ministering to spiritual consistency and spiritual insight—" eye-food " indeed. It means increased appreciation of the book, the heightening and deepening of real respect." 

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